Journal of Polymers and the Environment

The Journal of Polymers and the Environment was created to address the immediate need for an international forum in this diverse and rapidly expanding field. This journal serves a crucial role in merging information from a wide range of disciplines. The Journal will appear quarterly as a central outlet for the publication of high quality, peer reviewed, original papers, review articles, and short communications that address the following subjects:

  • Degradation Pathways: biological photochemical, oxidative, and hydrolytic,
  • New Degradable Materials: derived by chemical or biosynthetic routes,
  • Degradable Blends and Composites
  • Developments in Processing and Reactive Processing of Degradable Polymers
  • Characterization of Degradable Materials: mechanical physical, thermal, rheological, morphological, and others
  • Environmental Degradation Testing: In-laboratory simulations, outdoor exposures, and standardization of methodologies
  • Environmental Fate: end products and intermediates of degradation
  • Microbiology and Enzymology of Polymer Biodegradability
  • Theoretical Predictions and Computer Simulations of Polymer Degradation
  • Solid Waste Management and Public Legislation: specific to degradable polymers.
  • And Other Related Topics

The journal strongly encourages intentionally interdisciplinary contributions.

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